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Study Guide for LPIC-2 Exams 201 and 202

Study Guide for LPIC-2 Exams 201 and 202

  • Publisher: Infinite Skills
  • Released: July 2016
  • Run time: 11 hours 26 minutes
Linux power users who want to become Linux system administrators, junior level Linux administrators seeking to learn more about their trade, and especially those individuals studying to pass the LPIC-2 Certification exams will appreciate this comprehensive overview of Linux systems administration.

Linux master John Meister draws from his twenty-five years of real world experience - working scripts and configuration files, and including, as he puts it: "some of the dumb things I've done" - to provide a detailed examination of the day-to-day tasks and decision-making performed by senior level Linux system administrators.
  • Learn to install, analyze, configure, troubleshoot, modify, deploy, and support Linux systems
  • Understand the file system, processes, and toolsets used in Linux system administration
  • Understand the Linux philosophy and how it affects commands and tools
  • Master the command line vi editor, BASH scripting, and five essential Linux commands
  • Become versed in Linux networking, file sharing, and security practices
  • Explore all the topics covered in the LPIC-2 certification exams
  • Learn to administer SUSE, RedHat/Centos, Mint, Ubuntu, Debian, and other popular distributions
John Meister is a systems design and integration specialist who has worked with Linux since it was introduced in 1991. He's been a Linux systems administrator for seven Fortune 100 companies, a specialist in cryptography repair for the U.S. Army, and an IT instructor for institutions such as the US Army Signal School, City University of Seattle, Central Texas College Overseas, Georgia Military College, and Boeing Computer Services. He holds a Master of Science in Technical Management (MSTM) from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.