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Enterprise Software with Python

      • What is Python Not? 4 Common Misconceptions

        With a technology as popular and disruptive as Python, misconceptions are bound to arise. Whether it's managers, teammates, or even you, it pays to bust these myths early.
      • 00:08:08

      • When to Use Python? Motivations and Applications

        This segment addresses my most frequently-encountered question: when is it safe and sane to consider using Python for an enterprise project? Spoiler: If you're itching to use Python on your current or next project, you're far from alone.
      • 00:13:24

      • Gathering Requirements: Understanding the 6 Aspects of Software

        Every line of code written before knowing the goal of a project, is a line potentially wasted. This segment shows how to sketch out a project using a living requirements document, and explains how this document stays relevant long past the early stages of the project.
      • 00:16:55

      • Choosing Dependencies: Evaluating Building Blocks

        Keep your friends close, and your dependencies closer. The best projects start with firm foundations, and this segment shows you how to assess and select reliable internal and external services and packages.
      • 00:17:34

      • Presenting Designs: Navigating the Organizational and Interpersonal

        Presentations and design discussions are full of interpersonal twists and curves. Forming an educated technical opinion is hard enough, now you have to defend it? This segment covers concepts useful for navigating these waters and ensuring interaction stays professional and constructive.
      • 00:27:18

      • Development Environments: Editors and Dev Tools

        A developer is only as good as their tools, so which tools work best for the enterprise? This segment is about striking a good balance between your organization's environments and your preferences and habits.
      • 00:16:33

      • Workflow: Starting a Python Project

        Once you have an initial project plan, and you're situated in your and your organization's development environment, it's time to start coding. This segment guides you on how to start a new project and get into the swing of development.
      • 00:20:15

      • Debugging: Solving Problems in Python projects

        As long as there has been software, there have been bugs. This segment demonstrates techniques to track down those bugs. With Python's simple language and rich runtime are on our side, it'll be a snap.
      • 00:27:14

      • Security: Software Risk Management Fundamentals

        Security is hard. But as enterprise professionals we have a responsibility to face hard realities. This segment gives a basic overview of the skills and procedures necessary to produce secure code.
      • 00:27:33

      • Code Review: Python Antipatterns and Collaboration

        Checking each other's work is good for the codebase and good for the team, provided you do it right. This segment gives guidance on successful code review and walks you through the most common pitfalls I've seen after years of reviewing budding Python codebases.
      • 00:15:47

      • Project Ideas: Building Experience

        Practice makes perfect, and we're not all blessed with the ability to work in Python full time. This segment suggests a few starting points for practically honing your Python skills.
      • 00:11:10

      • Technology Evangelism: Building a Community

        Hopefully this course has left you more excited about Python than when you started. Whether you want to find fellow Pythonists or put your newest technology on display, this segment has some ideas for you to try.
      • 00:18:01

      • Other Resources: Building Skills

        As both a technology and community, Python is huge. This segment reviews a selection of resources to go broader and deeper than this course could pack in.
      • 00:11:43

      • Closing and Parting Words

        For those diligent few that took the plunge and stuck with it, some parting words of encouragement.
      • 00:05:25

Enterprise Software with Python

  • Publisher: O'Reilly Media
  • Released: February 2016
  • Run time: 7 hours 45 minutes

What's makes the difference between a casual coder and a professional software engineer? How do beginner Pythonists become intermediate developers?

One part masterclass, one part crash course, Enterprise Software with Python answers this question by touching on every element of the enterprise software development. PayPal's Lead Developer of Python Infrastructure Mahmoud Hashemi busts myths and offers guidance, using Python to demonstrate standard patterns and practices that apply across the software industry.

Python is renowned for making it easy to get started with programming, but a lot of Python programmers are set adrift after learning the language basics. Enterprise Software with Python gives you an insider's introduction to:

  • Defining software and software requirements for professional practice
  • Fortifying your corporate environments with the power of open source
  • Implementing, debugging, and reviewing project implementations
  • Measuring, optimizing, and scaling applications at the enterprise level
  • Preventing availability and security disasters with simple, practical changes
  • Testing and documenting codebases for long-term maintenance
  • Packaging and deploying optimally within your organization
  • Winning autonomy by earning the confidence of your management and teammates

Whether you are currently at a large organization, hope to work in the enterprise, or are just looking to further develop your skills, Enterprise Software with Python will help you take your craft to the next level.

Mahmoud Hashemi is lead developer of Python Infrastructure at PayPal, where he focuses on service frameworks, application security, and system resiliency. He is an avid Wikipedian and co-creator of several Wikipedia-based projects, such as Listen To Wikipedia (listen.hatnote.com) and The Weeklypedia (weekly.hatnote.com). He is also the author of several other open source libraries (github.com/mahmoud).