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Be the BEST Bad Presenter Ever

      • So Who Said You're a "Bad" Presenter?  (Free)

        Be Yourself and Be a Hit! Public speaking is scary and many of us are tied  up in knots because we're following old, outdated rules of presentation. This course will allow you to be an authentic presenter, throw out the useless rules and emerge with impact and confidence.
      • 00:04:31

      • Passion

        Passion is the way to come across authentically, the way to tap energy, and it gives you, and your audience, a reason to care.
      • 00:06:37

      • Purpose and Action

        Want to have impact? Want to influence your audience? Purpose and Action are the tools to get you there. Purpose clarifies and simplifies your message, so people walk out ready to DO something. Action is the emotional connection you make to the audience - it's how you convince, influence, motivate and persuade.
      • 00:08:30

      • Break the Mirror Rule

        How can you best prepare? Mirrors make you self-conscious. Practice often, out loud and on your feet!
      • 00:02:07

      • Reading the Audience

        Dumbest advice ever: Picture the audience in their underwear. The audience is the reason you are there! Now learn how to prepare, read an audience, and respond in the moment.
      • 00:18:43

      • Confidence

        You can be more confident! Learn how your body is the key to greater confidence and strength in your presentations.
      • 00:11:07

      • Voice

        You have a powerful tool for your presentations - your voice! Now learn to use it in a way that creates influence and impact
      • 00:12:01

      • Eye Contact, Podiums, and Stories

        Three things to get rid of immediately! Scanning, podiums and dry explanations. We'll cover the importance of eye contact, standing out front and using stories!
      • 00:10:39

      • PowerPoint

        Why PowerPoint should be the last thing you consider for a presentation, and if you must use it, how to make it work.
      • 00:08:47

      • Nerves

        Everyone gets nervous - even the pros! How to manage your nerves so they help rather than hinder.
      • 00:07:01

      • Working with Emotions

        Emotions can overwhelm us at times during a presentation. It's OK! And what to do.
      • 00:04:27

Be the BEST Bad Presenter Ever

  • Publisher: O'Reilly Media
  • Released: November 2015
  • Run time: 2 hours 18 minutes

Many people find public speaking can be scary, but it doesn't need to be. In this course, you'll toss out the old "tried-and-true" rules of presentation and in the process transform yourself into a confident, authentic presenter. Former network engineering executive and stage actor Karen Hough uses wit and wisdom to show you how “being bad” at public speaking can really work.

  • Discover the true purpose of any presentation (hint: it’s not to convey information)
  • Learn the value of emotions in public speaking—even nervousness and fear
  • Understand why your voice is more important than your slides
  • Nail the most critical parts of any presentation: the bookends
  • Learn how to practice a speech (hint: break your mirror)
  • Know how to read—and not read—an audience
  • Get tips for what to do when something goes wrong

Yale graduate Karen Hough teaches public speaking as founder and CEO of ImprovEdge. She is the recipient of the Athena PowerLink Award for outstanding women-owned businesses and is a national conference keynote speaker on topics such as executive presence and presentation skills, negotiation, and leadership.