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Calm Technology

    • Principles of Calm Technology

      This section covers principles to keep in mind when designing calm products or services. Although PARC's Mark Weiser came up the original principles of Calm Technology, I've modified this list to include a few more than are relevant to today's technological environment.
    • 00:24:23

    • Calm Communication Patterns

      This segment is on the kinds of communication patterns that can be used to make technology calm. I'll cover examples of eight patterns and how they can be applied to products and services.
    • 00:06:09

    • Status Tone

      Using a simple tone can convey more than entire message
    • 00:04:43

    • Status Shout

      Use a status shout to alert someone of a very important message.
    • 00:04:45

    • Haptic Alert

      A haptic or feeling alert is one way of compressing information into another set of senses.
    • 00:03:56

    • Ambient Awareness

      Ambient awareness allows you to understand things around you without paying full attention to them.
    • 00:03:45

    • Timed Triggers

      Using time as a trigger is a great way to have something happen in the periphery.
    • 00:01:33

    • Feedback Loop

      A feedback loop makes the invisible visible and can help improve behavior.
    • 00:04:20

    • The World is not a desktop

      Remember that the world is not a desktop. We cannot interact with technology in the future in the same way we interact with a desktop.
    • 00:03:37

Calm Technology

  • Publisher: O'Reilly Media
  • Released: October 2015
  • Run time: 1 hours 32 minutes

How can we design technology products that enter smoothly into people’s lives, rather than serve as a constant source of annoyance? In this video workshop, presenter Amber Case shows you how to use principles of Calm Technology, a framework for designing ubiquitous devices that engage a user’s attention only when necessary, while calmly remaining in the periphery most of the time.

Through a series of hands-on projects, you’ll learn how to design the next generation of connected devices, including notification styles, compressing information into other senses, and designing for the least amount of cognitive overhead. Calm Technology provides principles that keep people’s lifestyles and environment in mind, allowing technology to amplify humanness instead of taking it away.

With this video, you’ll learn how to:

  • Design appropriate notification systems into both physical and software products
  • Use methods of Calm Technology to design technology for generations, not seasons
  • Communicate the principles of Calm Technology across your organization and team
  • Enter your product successfully into the marketplace

This video workshop will show you how to design products that work well, launch well, are easy to support, easy to use, and blend smoothly into a person’s everyday life.

Amber Case is an entrepreneur and user experience designer from Portland, Oregon. She's been featured in Forbes, WIRED, Time, and other publications about her studies on the symbiotic interactions between humans and machines. Co-founder of the location-based platform Geoloqi (since acquired by Esri), she’s keynoted at SXSW.