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Effective Data Visualization

    • The Value of Visualization  (Free)

      An introduction to what data visualization is, and why it matters. Includes multiple examples of how visualizations can help us better understand and communicate data.
    • 00:15:40

    • Multidimensional Data  (Free)

      Visual encoding methods for data sets consisting of multiple variables. In what ways can 2D graphics be used to depict higher-dimensional structures?
    • 00:17:20

    • Design Principles

      An introduction to high-level principles for visualization design.
    • 00:03:21

    • Graphical Perception

      How are different visual encodings are perceived? What forms of encoding can people more quickly and accurately interpret?
    • 00:10:08

    • Color

      Principles for visualizing quantitative or categorical data using color.
    • 00:16:53

    • Perceptual Redesigns

      Applying perceptual principles to improve visualization designs. Show examples using health and gene expression data.
    • 00:06:26

    • Interaction Techniques

      Interaction techniques for creating and manipulating visualizations in order to explore data. Covers methods including selection, dynamic queries and brushing & linking.
    • 00:28:06

    • Visualizing Big Data: Supporting Interaction

      Strategies for supporting real-time interaction with visualizations of massive data sets, with a focus on multivariate tiling methods to reduce and segment data into manageable data tiles.
    • 00:11:25

Effective Data Visualization

  • Publisher: O'Reilly Media
  • Released: January 2015
  • Run time: 2 hours 53 minutes

Learn the methods you need to bring data to life through effective visualizations. In this video course, host Jeffrey Heer—co-founder of Trifacta—takes you through best practices for designing interactive visualizations, performing exploratory data analysis, and examining multidimensional data.

You’ll begin by learning the value of visualization, through design principles drawn from graphic design, visual art, perceptual psychology, and cognitive science. Using Trifacta’s data transformation tools to illustrate some of the concepts, you’ll also learn techniques for scaling visualizations to extremely large data sets.

In two parts—Effective Visualization Design and Visualizing Big Data—this course will teach you practical tips on topics including:

  • Visualization design fundamentals: data and image models, graphical perception, and color design
  • Visual data analysis and exploration: exploratory data analysis, multidimensional data, interaction techniques
  • Data reduction strategies: sampling, aggregation, and model fitting
  • Effective visualization of big data: scalable visual encoding methods and interaction techniques

Jeffrey Heer is a co-founder and CXO (Chief Experience Officer) at Trifacta Inc. He spent many years as a professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, where he led the Stanford Visualization Group. His group created several popular tools, including D3.js (Data-Driven Documents) and Data Wrangler. Jeff is currently a faculty member of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington.