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D3 and CoffeeScript

    • Environment  (Free)

      Setting up your coding environment, draw some loose analogies between Coffeescript and Python to start getting you oriented, and explain the requirements for running Coffeescript in your terminal versus the web.
    • 00:08:38

    • Python vs Coffeescript  (Free)

      Comparing syntax between Python and Coffeescript and busting the myth that Coffeescript (i.e. Javascript) is a slow language.
    • 00:06:38

    • D3 Core Concepts

      Introducing the core concept of "Enter-Update-Exit" to help expedite your understanding of the mechanics of D3.
    • 00:12:25

    • Asynchronous

      Why it is crucial to understand that Coffeescript code is asynchronous.
    • 00:10:40

    • SVG Coordinates

      How SVG coordinates are different from Cartesian coordinates (they're not for your av-er-age bear, Boo Boo!).
    • 00:10:14

    • Stock Chart

      Example 1: How to create a web-based visualization of a stock (using Yahoo Finance data as our source of inspiration)! And how to extend that visualization to include trading volume bars!
    • 00:20:32

    • Chloropleth

      Example 2: How to create a chloropleth map of earthquakes across the United States!
    • 00:17:17

    • Network

      Example 3:  How to create a web-based, interactive network visualization (in a force-directed layout)!
    • 00:19:51

D3 and CoffeeScript

  • Publisher: O'Reilly Media
  • Released: October 2014
  • Run time: 1 hours 49 minutes

Create powerful data visualizations by learning how to use CoffeeScript and D3. With this fast-paced video course, you’ll leverage your knowledge of Python syntax to pick up the basics of CoffeeScript, the language that compiles to JavaScript. Then you’ll tackle the fundamentals of the D3 JavaScript library for implementing visualizations that are attractive, well designed, interactive, and updatable in real-time.

If you’ve been scared away by JavaScript in the past, or hit a frustrating roadblock in previous encounters with D3, download this video or stream it through our HD player, and learn how combining D3 with CoffeeScript will allow you to build some awesome data visualizations.

  • Work step-by-step on three simple but compelling D3 visualization examples
  • Use Coffeescript as a stepping-stone to ease your way into Javascript
  • Reduce D3’s notoriously heavy learning curve by learning the basics
  • Walk away with rudimentary understanding of CoffeeScript and D3 that you can apply to other projects immediately
  • Use CoffeeScript to abstract away some of the more difficult aspects of Javascript

  • Nikhil Gopal has worked as a programmer, analyst, and scientist at major biotechnology companies such as Affymetrix and Illumina. He’s currently working on his PhD at the University of Washington in Seattle, specializing in novel algorithms and data visualization strategies in the realm of biomedical and health informatics.

    Note: learners can access practice files at