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Colin Moock's Lost ActionScript 3.0 Weekend Course 1

    • Introduction  (Free)

      Get to know the world of ActionScript 3.0, the spirit of Flash, and your intrepid instructors.
    • 00:28:48

    • OOP Overview  (Free)

      Enjoy a gentle introduction to the fundamentals of object-oriented programming, including classes, objects, methods, and variables.
    • 00:17:33

    • Making a Class  (Free)

      Learn the syntax and structure of classes, the building blocks of every object-oriented program.
    • 00:10:12

    • Making an Object

      Create new objects from a class using "new syntax" and "literal syntax," with a little help from the "import" statement.
    • 00:08:50

    • Variables and Instance Variables

      Use variables to create object characteristics and to keep track of objects, then learn how to isolate parts of a program using encapsulation.
    • 00:18:17

    • Object References and Garbage Collection

      Learn to refer to a single object from multiple parts of a program, then study the princi ples of memory management in ActionScript. Remember, values are not socks!
    • 00:25:42

    • Methods

      Give objects custom behaviors, such as "jump", "eat", "submit", or "accelerate".
    • 00:11:07

    • Public Methods

      Learn why objects should be built like a black box, with controls on the outside and internal functions on the inside.
    • 00:14:16

    • Static Variables

      Use "static variables" to keep track of global information and reduce error-prone "magic values".
    • 00:11:28

    • Inheritance

      Learn how one class can borrow (or "inherit") the variable and method definitions of another, and how multiple classes can be structured in a hierarchy.
    • 00:31:02

Colin Moock's Lost ActionScript 3.0 Weekend Course 1

  • Publisher: Adobe Developer Library
  • Released: March 2009
  • Run time: 6 hours 12 minutes
Pack your bags for the Lost ActionScript Weekend! Gather 'round the fire, study in the cabin, and hang out on the dock with world-renowned ActionScript guru and educator Colin Moock on an intimate three-day ActionScript getaway. In the first segment of this one-of-a-kind learning experience, Colin sits down with artist James Paterson and technologist Hoss Gifford to cover the basics of object-oriented programming in ActionScript 3.0.

Forget classrooms. Forget intimidation. Get inspired--and get lost in ActionScript 3.0!

* Introduction to OOP (Object-oriented programming) * Application structure and design principles * Classes, objects, and packages * Methods and variables * Garbage collection and memory management * Inheritance * Encapsulation

Bonus material: 3D effects with Adobe engineer Chris Nuuja, lead developer of Flash Player's 3D effects API A Special Colin Moock Fireside Show n Tell

Chapters: 01. Introduction 02. OOP Overview 03. The Virtual Zoo and Packages 04. Making a Class 05. Constructor Methods 06. Making an Object 07. Variables and Instance Variables 08. Constructor Parameters 09. Object Preferences and Garbage Collection 10. Methods 11. Public Methods 12. Method Parameters 13. State Retrieval and Modification 14. Static Variables 15. Pet Digestion and Pet Death 16. Inheritance 17. A Specialized Type: Wormy Apple 18. Preparation for First Compilation 19. Chris Nuuja Discusses the Flash Player's 3D Effects API 20. A Special Colin Moock Fireside Show n Tell