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General Operations 101

    • Careers in Operations - Avleen Vig  (Free)

      Are you a jack of all trades, or an authority on one topic? Both are needed to make things run smoothly in the operations field. In this short video, Etsy Staff Operations Engineer lays out the various options.
    • 00:05:08

    • Outages 101 Investigation - John Allspaw  (Free)

      Challenge conventional wisdom with John Allspaw's approach to investigating outages. Senior Vice President of Operations at Etsy, John brings a unique, conceptually wide view of how to manage global and complex environments. He'll explain the process of what to expect, what to look for, what to do, and explaining what happened.
    • 01:42:42

    • Application Level Monitoring - Daniel Schauenberg

      In this tutorial, Etsy's Software Engineer Daniel Schauenberg shows you how to monitor your applications using StatsD and Graphite. You'll need to know your application's flow, as well as be comfortable in the Unix command line with regards to installing packages.
    • 00:32:08

    • Productivity Tools and Techniques - Jon Cowie

      Jon Cowie, Web Operations Engineer at Etsy, believes in having a toolkit close at hand before you embark on your journey as an ops engineer. From techniques to help you manage the complexity and interrupt-driven workflow to tools for keeping track of your day-to-day tasks, he'll show you how to set up a personalized workflow.
    • 00:23:09

    • Nagios 101 - Laurie Denness

      Nagios has been around for over a decade, which means the possibilities are endless when it comes to configuring a monitoring infrastructure. Laurie Denness, Senior Operations Engineer at Etsy, walks you through how to set up a basic system that will alert you to problems before they happen.
    • 00:41:46

General Operations 101

  • Publisher: O'Reilly Media
  • Released: June 2013
  • Run time: 3 hours 25 minutes
This series of videos will help you to discover what being a operations engineer entails and will get you started on the path to becoming a professional. Real-world engineers talk about monitoring, outages, productivity, and more.

These videos are in supplement to the free written curriculum of the Ops School project, available at http://www.opsschool.org . Ops School is a community-driven, comprehensive program teaching the skills necessary to become a professional operations engineer. Check out the curriculum and learn how!