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Web Operations 101

    • Operable Service - Mike Fiedler  (Free)

      What do you do when your app doesn't do what it's supposed to do anymore? In other words, what happens when your service fails? Mike Fiedler, Director of Technical Operations at Datadog, explains how to maintain an operable service in this hands-on tutorial.
    • 00:08:14

    • Web Flow - Mike Fiedler  (Free)

      Have you ever wondered what happens after you type in a URL to a browser and hit enter? Mike Fiedler, Director of Technical Operations at Datadog, shows you how to find out where you're going, request appropriate data, view (and interpret) the response in raw HTML, and gather the next pieces of content.
    • 00:20:03

    • DNS - Avleen Vig

      Etsy's Staff Operations Engineer, Avleen Vig, shows you what DNS is and why it's important, then works with you to set up and maintain a sample DNS server for your organization.
    • 00:09:07

    • MySQL Fundamentals - Arie Kachler

      If you have basic Unix knowledge and an ops background, you're ready to tackle MySQL. Arie Kachler, Senior MySQL Operations Engineer at Etsy, will walk you through installing, accessing, and backing up MySQL in this 40 minute tutorial.
    • 00:39:48

    • Networking 101 - Jan Schaumann

      Sit down with Senior Network Security Engineer Jan Schaumann as he shows you how packets go out the wire, how the host connects to a different host, and what kind of protocols might be involved.
    • 01:01:53

Web Operations 101

  • Publisher: O'Reilly Media
  • Released: June 2013
  • Run time: 2 hours 19 minutes
Web operations engineers deal with architecting, maintaining, and scaling the systems which drive web-based applications. While creating a basic web application is relatively easy these days, the systems on which they run get significantly larger, complex, and more difficult to manage when you have to design for millions of page views a day. Luckily, these seasoned professionals are here to help. From DNS to databases, networking to service failures, they walk you through the basics and give you the resources you need to keep going.

These videos are in supplement to the free written curriculum of the Ops School project, available at http://www.opsschool.org . Ops School is a community-driven, comprehensive program teaching the skills necessary to become a professional operations engineer. Check out the curriculum and learn how!