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JavaScript and HTML5 at OSCON 2012

    • Building Big Apps with Node.JS - Rik Arends  (Free)

      Are you building a big app, and wondering why NodeJS backends scale so well for applications? At Cloud9 we have built our entire backend in Node.JS, and it has taught us a lot of lessons. In this presentation i want to go through what we learned at Cloud9 IDE also want to give attention to common pitfalls and tracing bugs.
    • 00:42:18

    • Declarative web data visualization using ClojureScript - Kevin Lynagh  (Free)

      Excellent statistical graphics first and foremost *show the data*. Likewise, the tools for making such graphics should emphasize essential data-visual mappings and hide implementation details. We describe a D3-like language for visualizing data on the web using declarative, constraint-based layout, implemented in ClojureScript.
    • 00:35:17

    • Essential Node.js for Web Developers - Mike Amundsen  (Free)

      Unlike some introductions to Node.js that spend time explaining event loops and web sockets, this session start with a typical "Hello, Node" demo and quickly moves to short, fully-functional pps that show how to deal with static files, POST forms, mashups from other servers, file manipulation, data-handling, and even supporting HTTP Authentication.
    • 00:42:26

    • Location, Location, Location: Mastering HTML 5 Geolocation - Andy Gup

      This session takes you through an in-depth look at the HTML 5 Geolocation API. We'll nail down what it is and how to use it effectively. Our tips and tricks will save you a ton of time. We'll demonstrate those key concepts through real-world demos that will also take you to the next step and show you several ways to analyze and make sense of the data.
    • 00:33:46

    • Mashing up JavaScript Advanced techniques for modern web applications - Bastian Hofmann

      Nowadays many modern web applications are solely relying on JavaScript to render their frontend. But if you want to create mashups, load data from many different places or include external widgets into your site, you are quickly running into boundaries because of browser and security restrictions. In this presentation I will talk about techniques helping you with such problems.
    • 00:40:36

    • Node.js in Production: Postmortem Debugging and Performance Analysis - David Pacheco

      While dynamic languages are extremely popular for rapid development, they're notoriously difficult to debug in production. Despite being a relative newcomer, Node.js has already developed sophisticated tools for both postmortem and runtime analysis that exceed those of many popular languages. We will discuss our work building and deploying such tools, including real-world production experiences.
    • 00:40:41

    • Test Driven UI Development - Joakim Recht

      Testing HTML UIs - can it be done? Most people instinctively say no, but it doesn't have to be like that. Using technologies like Webdriver, Selenium, and Geb, it actually becomes possible, and we'll take a look at how.
    • 00:47:54

    • Web Application Accessibility - Alice Boxhall

      There are millions of software users with disabilities worldwide, yet many web application developers aren't aware of the techniques which can be used to make their software accessible. This talk will give an overview of what accessibility means and why it's important to you, a run-down of the technology and techniques for achieving it, and a look at how browsers provide accessibility support.
    • 00:27:42

    • WebRTC and the Future of Video Communications - Ben Strong

      WebRTC is a new web standard for HD video calling and conferencing that will be supported in Chrome and Firefox this summer. We'll give an overview of the APIs and protocol stack and explore how it will change the way people communicate.
    • 00:42:38

    • What's Up with HTML5 Video? - Scott Davis

      If you are flummoxed with HTML5 video-browers, codecs, and containers-this is your talk. In a plain-spoken, easy to understand style, Scott Davis will help you cut through the hype and the hope and add video to your website.
    • 00:40:07

    • Wikipedia's Next Billion Users with WebFonts - Alolita Sharma

      For the first time in Wikipedia's 11 year history, it rolled out open source WebFonts in January to make open knowledge more accessible to billions of readers in 14 major Indic languages. Learn more about how open source internationalization tools such as WebFonts, Narayam and language support are helping make valuable content on the Web more accessible.
    • 00:38:29

    • You Ain't SPDY - Chris Strom

      You package your assets. You use CSS sprites. You serve up everything with gzip compression. You obsess over Yslow recommendations. But you are still not SPDY. Fundamental limitations in HTTP and TCP/IP still add up to 60% overhead to your site. Find out how to reclaim that lost bandwidth and increase the robustness of your sites at the same time.
    • 00:40:00

JavaScript and HTML5 at OSCON 2012

  • Publisher: O'Reilly Media
  • Released: August 2012
  • Run time: 9 hours 50 minutes

Ride the Web’s powerful wave of open source and open standards

The sudden dominance of HTML5, JavaScript, and related technologies such as Node were hot topics at OSCON 2012. With this complete video compilation, you’ll get more than a dozen JavaScript and HTML5 sessions presented at the conference. Learn about the latest trends from the experts, such as David Pacheco (Joyent), Scott Davis (ThirstyHead.com), Alice Boxhall (Google), and many more.

Download these videos or view them through our HD player. You’ll quickly make sense of this vast JavaScript explosion and learn new skills you can apply immediately. Here are just a few of the sessions you’ll receive in this video package:

  • Declarative web data visualization using ClojureScript—Kevin Lynagh (Keming Labs)
  • Location, Location, Location: Mastering HTML 5 Geolocation—Andy Gup (Esri)
  • Mashing up JavaScript: Advanced techniques for modern web applications—Bastian Hofmann (ResearchGate GmbH)
  • Mind-blowing apps with HTML5 Canvas—David Geary (Clarity Training, Inc.)
  • Node.js and ql.io: Build Your Own HTTP APIs for Agility and Scale—Subbu Allamaraju (eBay Inc.), Jonathan LeBlanc (X.commerce)
  • Node.js in Production: Postmortem Debugging and Performance Analysis—David Pacheco (Joyent)
  • Web Application Accessibility—Alice Boxhall (Google)
  • What’s Up with HTML5 Video?—Scott Davis (ThirstyHead.com)

With 19 separate program tracks, all the pieces of the open platform neatly fit together at OSCON 2012. Check out our video compilations of sessions for these conference tracks: Data and Databases, Java and JVM, and Programming—now available.