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Randal Schwartz on Learning Perl

    • Introduction  (Free)

      The history and purpose of Perl. How to get help. Basics of Perl syntax and execution.
    • 00:38:04

    • Scalar Data  (Free)

      Numbers. Strings. Basic scalar operators. Warnings. Comparison operators. "boolean" concepts. If and while statements. The undef value and defined() function.
    • 00:48:02

    • Lists and Arrays  (Free)

      List values. qw() syntax. Array variables. List operations. foreach statement. List and scalar context.
    • 00:53:36

    • Subroutines

      Defining and invoking subroutines. Return values. Passing arguments. Local variables, including stateful variables. Variable argument lists. Leaving a subroutine early with return(). "use strict".
    • 00:37:55

    • Input and Output

      Reading an entire file. Filters with <> and @ARGV. Using printf. Creating and using filehandles. Using die and warn and $!. Using say.
    • 00:36:28

    • Hashes

      Purpose of hashes. Hash creation and element access. Converting between lists and hashes. The "fat arrow" syntax. Operations on the hash (keys, values, each, exists, delete). Counting things. The %ENV hash.
    • 00:40:10

    • In The World of Regular Expressions

      Introduction to regex. Simple matching. Simple metacharacters. Simple quantifiers. Parens in patterns. Backreferences (including relative back references). Choice with vertical bar. Character classes.
    • 00:29:06

    • Matching with Regular Expressions

      Alternate delimiters. Readable regex. Anchors. Binding operator. Interpolating patterns. Match variables. Non- capturing parens. Named captures. Generalized quantifiers.
    • 00:48:42

    • More Control Structures

      The unless and until statements. Expression modifiers. The naked block (including local variables). Elsif. Autoincrement/autodecrement. The for loop. Using last/next/redo and labels. Short-circuit operators. Defined-or.
    • 00:57:48

    • Perl Modules

      Installing modules, including the CPAN shell. Using modules, including both procedural and OO modules.
    • 00:27:13

    • File Tests

      File tests. The underscore filehandle. The stat and lstat functions. Using localtime. Bitwise manipulation.
    • 00:30:16

    • File Operations

      Removing and renaming files. Creating hard and soft links. Creating and removing directories. Modifying permissions. Changing ownership. Using getpwnam and getgrnam. Modifying timestamps.
    • 00:36:33

    • Strings and Sorting

      Using index, rindex, substr, and sprintf. User- defined sort orderings. The spaceship and cmp operators. Sorting a hash by values. Multi-level sorts.
    • 00:33:33

    • Process Management

      Using system and exec. Capturing command output with backquotes, in both scalar and list context. Processes as filehandles. Low-level child-process operations. Sending and catching signals, and the %SIG hash.
    • 00:46:35

    • In The Llama Book and More

      Things not in this course, but in the Llama and Alpaca books, and elsewhere. Final questions and answers.
    • 00:14:24

Randal Schwartz on Learning Perl

  • Publisher: O'Reilly Media
  • Released: September 2010
  • Run time: 10 hours 44 minutes

Get a thorough introduction to Perl from Randal Schwartz, co-author of the bestselling book Learning Perl. This video tutorial shows you why Perl is the language for people who want to get work done -- from short fixes on the command line to web applications, bioinformatics, finance, and much more. With vivid descriptions and detailed examples peppered by his eclectic wit, Randal covers all of the important aspects of the language through version 5.10.

Learn what it takes to be a Perl programmer from one of the world's foremost authorities on the subject. Video topics include:

  • Perl data & variable types
  • Subroutines
  • File operations
  • Regular expressions
  • String manipulation
  • Lists & sorting
  • Process management
  • Smart matching
  • Using third party modules